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Culinary options for the travel program

When traveling to Russia and St. Petersburg, you must also try the local very popular food culture. Russian cuisine is known not only for caviar and blinis, but also for its meatballs, soups, salads, pies and desserts Russians spend half of their lives in their own kitchens or at separate family parties. To get into this old customary culture, we have created the following culinary options for a trip to the world of Russian cuisine. To We always provide menus and the name of the restaurant before you leave to make your culinary experience in Russia complete. Meals are paid for with the rest of the itinerary.

Russian gourme

One day program 50 € / person
Two-day program 100 € / person
Three-day program 150 € / person


To ** The price includes a quality lunch in the best restaurants in St. Petersburg.

Russian kitchen

One-day program 25 € / person Two-day program 50 € / person Three-day program 75 € / person To ** Price includes lunch at very good restaurants.

Russian pies and blinis

One day program 10 € / person
Two-day program 20 € / person
Three-day program 30 € / person
To ** Price for lunch in very good cafes and bakery cafes.

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