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Exploring russian soul

Nature, Saslik, Datsha, Vodka are the key words for the russian soul and for this one ore two days roadtrip. We offer two options: oneday trip to Russian northern Riviera Zelenogorsk or two days trip to the biggest lake of Europa Ladoga lake.

One day trip to Russian soul

09:00 Pick up from hotel and drive 50 km east besides the coastline of Finnish gulf.

10:00 Arriving to Zelenogorsk farmer market where we buy meat, vegetables, fruites and drinks.

11:00 We cook together a nice barbaque and enjoy the nature and possibly meet some local people.

14:00 After a relaxing on the beach we drive 5 km to sauna (optional part, swimmming suites are necessery).

16:00 Sauna takes a lot and gives a lot so refresments like soviet limonade and local bear are more than welcome after this experience. One hour driving to the city.

Venäläistä sielua etsimässä banja.webp



Prices in euros/person including: guiding, transportation, barbeque and drinks. In two nights option including aswell: dinner, breakfast, fishing trip and lunch.

Two days trip to Russian soul

Day 1

09:00 Pick up from hotel and driving 150 km north-east from St.Petersburg.

11:00 Arriving to local farmer market not far away from our destanation Ladoga lake.

12:00 We cook together a nice barbeque and enjoy the nature and possibly meet some local people.

15:00 After a relaxing on the beach we drive 2 km to hotel where sauna is ready (optional part, swimming suites are necessery).

19:00 Dinner with a panoramic view to the Ladoga lake.

Day 2.

09:00 Breakfast with breathtaking view to the Ladoga lake.

10:00 Fishing trip by motorboat to the lake.

13:00 Cooking fish by open fire (if we get some) and sausages on the beach.

16:00 Driving back to the city.

18:00 Arriving to hotel.

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One day tour                    640/320/225/170/240/210/170/240/220/200/190/180/170/160/150/140/130/120

Two days tour                1100/590/430/340/430/390/370/420/400/380/370/360/350/340/330/320/310/300

Early booking discount is 5 %/person for bookings 90 days before the trip.

Group leader discount for groups size starting from group 6 person.

Groups witch are more than 19 person will have a special offer with fixed price. Please contact our manager.

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