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Taxi & Minibus services

via Narva and Ivangorod:

St.Petersburg - Tallinn/Helsinki

Helsinki /Tallinn - St.Petersburg

From 500 € including two private cars one in Russia and one in Estonia.

One driver all the way. Service in english/russian/finnish.

Crossing the border by feet about 500 meters.

Our driver will help to carry luggage.

St.Petersburg - Ivangorod - St.Petersburg 150 € Mercedes VIP class

Helsinki - Narva - Helsinki 1500 € Mercedes VIP class bus for 16 person


St.Petersburg - Kirkenes Norway/ Rovaniemi Finland - St.Petersburg

Ask the price for minibus or van!

Border stations between Finland and Russia are closed!

St.Petersburg - Helsinki - St.Petersburg

Individual transfer from 500 €

St.Petersburg - Lappeenranta - St.Petersburg

Individual transfer from 300 €

St.Petersburg - Tallinn - St.Petersburg

Moscow - Helsinki/Tallinn - Moscow

The pets are welcome to our cars.

We offer English spoken Finnish licensed driver with a lot of experience crossing a border between Russia and Finland.

Private individual transfers from address to address:

St.Petersburg-Helsinki or Helsinki-St.Petersburg

500 €/car 1-4 person MB C class (traveling time total 4-5 hours)

750 €/car 1-6 person MB V class (traveling time total 4-6 hours)

900 €/bus  max. 19 person MB Sprinter (traveling time total 5-7 hours)

Booking and more information:

Whatsapp/Tel. +79213308005 or +358405015550

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