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Minibus services:

St.Petersburg - Helsinki - St.Petersburg

St.Petersburg - Tallinn - St.Petersburg

Moscow - Helsinki/Tallinn - Moscow

(fast bus lane at the border)

Official charter minibus with your own schedule for 15 (19) person.

Traveling time between St.Petersburg and Helsinki is about 5-7 hours.

The pets are welcome and bus has place for big luggage as well.

We offer English spoken Finnish licensed driver with a lot of experience crossing a border between Russia and Finland.

Private individual transfers:

St.Petersburg-Helsinki or Helsinki-St.Petersburg

450 € or 35.000 Rubles 1-4 person

700 €  56.000 Rubles 5-8 person

1000 € or 80.000 Rubles 9-19 person

Prices are valid till 01.03.2023.

Finnish and RF border stations are open 24/7.

For non residence of Russia PCR test is no longer needed entering Russia.

Booking and more information:

Whatsapp/Telegram +79213308005 or mobile +358405015550

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